About our online store

Hacivatshop; started its activities in Kuşadası in 1968 and is the production workshop and sales store with the largest ceramic and tile product range in Turkey. All of our products are 100% custom design. There is no product that we produce in the form of mass production. Because we stay true to traditional methods every step of the production and because we don't do mass production, most of our products are each unique and one of a kind.

Although we are based in Kusadasi, we can send products to many regions in the country and abroad. You can find our products in almost every city of Turkey. In addition, we had the honor of sending products to many countries, especially the United States, Canada, Germany, England, Austria, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. We are among the few workshops in Turkey in terms of product diversity.

You can find many products in our store, from decorative products to ornaments and souvenirs. As we appeal to individual users, we also act as solution partners to legal entities and institutions. We do special works for many of our municipalities, architects and companies. In addition to our souvenir and gift products, we can produce decorative products such as paintings, trinkets, vases and tiles.